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Jaymee Green 在 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Jaymee Green - My Sister's Hot Friend

Jaymee Green聽說她的朋友要搬出城。雖然傑米會想念她的朋友,但她會更想念她朋友的兄弟盧卡斯。你看,傑米迷戀盧卡斯已經有一段時間了,既然他要搬家,她終於有勇氣讓他知道了。看來盧卡斯對傑米也有同樣的感覺,所以這兩個人在他搬家之前就在他的房間里做愛。要是他早點知道就好了,他早就把這個美人狠狠礪了好幾年了!

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Jaymee Green 在 'The Sweeter The Juice'

Jaymee Green - The Sweeter The Juice

Jaymee Green is in Miami, and she's hornier than ever. She is in town looking for dick but before we give it to her good. We need to tease her a bit. We drench her curvy body in oil. It slips down her crevices and holes. She loves it. Peter comes out with his big cock ready to thrust in her good. He grabs her by the pussy and starts worshiping it good. She is ready to get fucked. He starts nice and slow and then quickly fucks her hard and deep. Peter blows his load all over her face and tits.

Jenna Starr 在 'The Census Taker Giveth'

Jenna Starr - The Census Taker Giveth

Jayden is a census taker doing the rounds. When he shows up at roomies Jayme & Jenna's home, things get complicated. They have not filled out their census forms and he just wants them to answer a few questions so he can be on his way. Easier said than done. The perverted duo demand depraved sexual favors to complete the requisite paperwork – Jayden is bewildered by their misplaced entitlement but decides to entertain the bossy women's demands anyway, proving this census taker has something substantial to give the ladies too!

Lil D 在 'No Reason Not to Fuck'

Lil D - No Reason Not to Fuck

Jaymee Green came home from college. Only her step brother Lil D was home. He was amazed how much her body bloomed. Jaymee went for a shower. As she was slowly spreading soap over her stunning body Lil D sneaked up and peeped on her

Jaymee Green 在 'My Roomie's New GF Is a Cheater!'

Jaymee Green - My Roomie's New GF Is a Cheater!

Spikey has invited his new girlfriend Jayme over to his shared house for the first time. While they get hot & heavy with each other, Spikey's roomie Van can't help but notice Jayme's amazing assets. When the opportunity arises, Van tries his luck and finds out his roomie's new girlfriend is a total cheater!