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Jaymee Green 在 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Jaymee Green - My Sister's Hot Friend

Jaymee Green聽說她的朋友要搬出城。雖然傑米會想念她的朋友,但她會更想念她朋友的兄弟盧卡斯。你看,傑米迷戀盧卡斯已經有一段時間了,既然他要搬家,她終於有勇氣讓他知道了。看來盧卡斯對傑米也有同樣的感覺,所以這兩個人在他搬家之前就在他的房間里做愛。要是他早點知道就好了,他早就把這個美人狠狠礪了好幾年了!

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Jaymee Green 在 'My Roomie's New GF Is a Cheater!'

Jaymee Green - My Roomie's New GF Is a Cheater!

Spikey has invited his new girlfriend Jayme over to his shared house for the first time. While they get hot & heavy with each other, Spikey's roomie Van can't help but notice Jayme's amazing assets. When the opportunity arises, Van tries his luck and finds out his roomie's new girlfriend is a total cheater!