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Crystal Chase 在 'My Girlfriend's Busty Friend'

Crystal Chase - My Girlfriend's Busty Friend


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Crystal Chase 在 'Huge Boob Massage'

Crystal Chase - Huge Boob Massage

Crystal Chase is curious to see what her stepdad is doing so she goes to snoop and ask him. He tells her that he is currently studying for a massage exam. Crystal convinces her stepdad to give her a massage so he can practice. At first he is a bit taken back by the idea. She is his stepdaughter and doesn't want to get in trouble. But, she insists that her mom wont find out. As soon as he agrees, she quickly gets on the massage table and gets ready to get covered in oil. However, at first her stepdad only massages her shoulders, but she insists for him to go lower, that it will be between the both of them. Stepdad goes forward and begins to massage her giant big boobs. Once he is done massaging her, she begins to suck on his huge dick and then gets fucked by it in her hairy wet pussy until he creampies inside her.

Crystal Chase 在 'Jumping Breasts'

Crystal Chase - Jumping Breasts

Crystal Chase wanted to look super slim and fit so she could impress her ex boyfriend. Her step brother Johnny Love was working out all the time and would be the perfect trainer. She asked him for help. He refused. But she was wearing this white top which was barely hiding her enormous breasts and she made sure the wiggled every time she said a sentence. Soon Johnny was h********d and obeyed her wishes. But he had his own agenda. He came up with exercises that would make her breasts jump out of her shirt. Jumping jacks, jumprope. Soon Johnny did nothing but staring at her breasts. He even got a boner. Crystal got upset with him. How could he train her when all his b***d was in his dick. She would take care of it and massage it out. So she took out his dick. He took out some oil. She oiled him and jerked. He spread some oil on her breasts and rubbed it in. He just wouldn't come from jerking off so they fucked. He fucked her hard, her breasts were jumping all over the frame until Johnny s**t his cum

Crystal Chase 在 'Crystal Gets A Long Horn'

Crystal Chase - Crystal Gets A Long Horn

I guess everything is big in Texas because this cute Texas teen I met today has huge natural titties! I was so glad to get her phone number because I wanted to slide my cock between those pillows so badly and blow my load on her cute face. Goals, achieved!

Abigaiil Morris 在 'Big Natural Bedbound Babe Begs for Boner'

Abigaiil Morris - Big Natural Bedbound Babe Begs for Boner

Crystal is horny, frustrated & alone. She devises a plan to recruit her new stepbrother Van & his girlfriend Abigaiil for a little sexual healing. As each half of the couple are presented with a hot & horny Crystal feigning an illness, they have to decide whether they will remain faithful to each other or succumb to their baser instincts. Just kidding! They definitely succumb to their baser instincts. Check out this wild and plentiful, taboo threesome!

Crystal Chase 在 'Clean My Place Clean My Dick'

Crystal Chase - Clean My Place Clean My Dick

Danny Steele needs his house cleaned and his fetish sustained so he call Crystal and she's on the job! She's a little hesitant at first but once she's assured she's paid for her time and no one else will know she's ready to suck dick, have her titties fucked, and bounce on hard cock. Crystal's tits make yet another amazing appearance in todays venture while she cleans some house and cleans some dick.

Crystal Chase 在 'Diving Deep Inside Crystal'

Crystal Chase - Diving Deep Inside Crystal

This girl has some of the biggest natural titties and she really likes using them on my cock! She sucked me then wrapped those funbags around my dick before she climbed on and took a ride. I got my load deep inside of her and she pushed it all out for you to see!

Crystal Chase 在 'Titty Fuck and Pussy Fuck'

Crystal Chase - Titty Fuck and Pussy Fuck

Crystal Chase was in the shower. The day was hard, the soap on her giant breasts was soft and foamy. The water was warm. Life was perfect. Except she couldn't reach her back. Her loofah stick was gone. She called Peter!! Turns out Peter used it to clean the toilet. So guess he would have to do the scratching. Peter soaped Crystal's back. When he was done she turned around and asked him to wash her big breasts, too. He did. As he soaped them his dick was getting harder and harder. Crystal noticed. She said she would help with that. So she sucked the dick, and titty fucked and pussy fucked his dick. And they fucked and her tits bounced until Peter came into her cute face.

Crystal Chase 在 'Your big tit girlfriend Crystal Chase looks great in her new bikini but even better with her tits bare and oiled up'

Crystal Chase - Your big tit girlfriend Crystal Chase looks great in her new bikini but even better with her tits bare and oiled up

Your girlfriend Crystal Chase is in need of a new bikini and wants to model one on for your eyes only. It is quite revealing and looks amazing on her. She wants to see if it can hold those big tits and puts it to the test, but that big rack looks better with some oil on them and her rubbing them up and down all over your throbbing cock!

Crystal Chase 在 'Unforgettable Tits'

Crystal Chase - Unforgettable Tits

Crystal chase and her melon titties are back at it again despite having only been in the business for 2 months she is taking her spot dick by dick and today's dick just happens to be Brian O'malley.

Crystal Chase 在 'Step Daddy's Magic Oil'

Crystal Chase - Step Daddy's Magic Oil

Crystal Chase is devastated because no one in her class takes her seriously. Her tits are too big. Her Stepfather tries to console the lass. Joey gives body positives statements about her large boobs. He does come up with a clever idea. He has a size reduction oil. I can use it to reduce the size of her humongous knockers. He rubs it in her big tits, their nice and glossy balloons. It seems not to work but Crystal notices a giant boner. She is shocked and wants to help it go down. Her stepdad asks if she sucks it to make it go down but it's not working. She says maybe she if she uses her pussy. They fuck hard. All attempts seem futile but he finally cums all over her face. She now loves her big tits and the power it was over men.

Mellanie Monroe 在 'Greasy Diner Anal Escapade'

Mellanie Monroe - Greasy Diner Anal Escapade

Mellanie is a waitress, bored with her job & life in general. When a raucous Van & Crystal come into her diner & start pawing at each other , Mellanie gets all hot & bothered. She devises a plan to tempt Van into the bathroom for some intense, sneaky anal sex!