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Audrey Madison 在 'My First Sex Teacher'

Audrey Madison - My First Sex Teacher

奧黛麗·麥迪森教授拜訪了她的老學生科迪,科迪不停地想著他們曾經的課堂性生活。她搬遷, 以避免任何問題, 但他跟蹤她他媽的, 吸吮她漂亮的大辮子, 給她更多的溫暖暨!

Audrey Madison 在 'wants to reward her neighbor by giving him a good, hard and proper fuck!!'

Audrey Madison - Neighbor Affair


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Audrey Madison 在 'Hello Loser - Audrey Madison'

Audrey Madison - Hello Loser - Audrey Madison

When Glenn receives a random text from 'UNKNOWN' that says 'Hello, loser.', he tells himself he's going to ignore it. But the texts keep coming, each one more dominating and bossy than the one before. He is humiliated to think that he would obey a random text without even knowing who it is, but it's in his nature to do what he is told. When a text comes in ordering him to go to a dungeon at 10 PM, he can't help himself. He soon finds himself at the dungeon on his knees, looking up at tall, beautiful Goddess Audrey Madison! She tells him she can see the weakness in him… she knows exactly how to control a loser like him. It's easy for her to turn him into her bitch! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE!

Audrey Madison 在 'Break Out, Get In'

Audrey Madison - Break Out, Get In

The perverse but shy Audrey Madison has a unique passion: writing erotic letters to inmates at the local prison. One night, one of her pen pals, bad boy Alex Mack, breaks out of jail just to pay her a visit. Audrey has been waiting for this moment for so long, aroused by the months of exchanges sex stories and confidences. It doesn't take too long before she lets Alex fill her pleasure hole!. After a passionate sex session, it's time for the replete Alex to start a new life as a free man.