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Reyna Belle 在 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Reyna Belle - My Sister's Hot Friend

性感的拉丁裔 Reyna Belle 正在大學放假時拜訪她的高中朋友。雷娜對她朋友的兄弟泰勒有一種柏拉圖式的迷戀。泰勒的妹妹還在上班,但當泰勒回到家時,她知道她有時間操那個讓她濕透的那個。

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Madison 在 'Can't Reign Her In'

Madison - Can't Reign Her In

When a busty teen Latina shows up in your room wanting to suck your cock and get creampied what else are you supposed to do? Reyna needed Madison's dick down her throat and thrusting his cum deep in her young pussy as her big tits bounce.

Reyna Belle 在 'Blacks On Blondes'

Reyna Belle - Blacks On Blondes

When Reyna Belle sees that her favorite rapper is staying not too far from where she lives it's like a sign from God that this is her chance to meet him. Chocolate God's vibes have always been the soundtrack of her life so it's very important she gets the opportunity to profess her love to him. After all - isn't that what celebrities crave? Just a horny girl looking to fuck her crush. So there he was. Busting out a rhyme. Working on his music when she came in the back door. Of course he was shocked to find this young girl in his place. She had to think quick, so immediately she lets him know what she is good at. Cock sucking. Now who would not want to try that out. Damn she is a hell of a cock sucker. This rapper would like to sink the pink. Soon his massive chocolate pole is deep in her dripping wet honey pot. It's a serious fuckdown the rapper is delivering as Reyna is in Hip hop heaven as he gives her vibes all the way up to her cervix. Soon she is bathed in the fruits of her labors as he blasts her kisser with his jizz blast.