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Justine Jakobs 在 'Naughty Athletics'

Justine Jakobs - Naughty Athletics

GI Joey 參加了 Justine Jakobs 的瑜伽課,因為他想要一個更好地瞭解她的理由。幸運的是,他比瑜伽更擅長做愛。賈斯汀很幸運,而不是繼續嘗試教他瑜伽,她可以通過他媽的來獲得良好的性高潮和緩解壓力。

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Justine Jakobs 在 'Damsel in DisDress'

Justine Jakobs - Damsel in DisDress

So we pull up on Justine and her van has broken down. Good thing we have a perfectly functioning one right here and we are every bit as much pervs as we are gentleman, so we offer assistance. She seems to have it covered, but we are the ones trying to uncover what she has under her shirt. We let her know what we are all about and offer her a ride and 500 to see her tiddies. She is actually amused at the fact that 3 grown men are trying to see her titts, so she is more than happy to show them. She then catches us off guard by telling us she is a nudist and gets completely naked. Peter not one to miss a party gets naked with her. It all fun and laughs until she notices Peters full on erection. Before we can try to offer her the usual deal, she grabs his dick, shocking us again. She actually starts leading the dance and asks Peter can she suck it. Now in her mouth, Peter begins to fuck her face, which makes her even more horny, so she just has to sit on it. Her and Peter get the van rocking as the both try to out fuck each other. Peter eventually loses as he cums all over her face, hair, and tits. We are in awe of a women being so freaky. She lets us know she is in Miami for a good time not a long time. Justine we should be thanking you for the ride.

Justine Jakobs 在 'Getting Down To Business - S20:E9'

Justine Jakobs - Getting Down To Business - S20:E9

Parker Ambrose is enjoying a drink when his stepmom Justine Jakobs walks in wearing next to nothing. Her big tits are popped out of her robe and she's wearing just a thong as she comes to retrieve strawberries and whipped cream from the fridge. When Justine returns to the kitchen wearing a dress, Parker knows that his relationship with his stepmom is about to get way better.All his previous stepmoms have fucked Parker to get back at his dad doing something stupid, and Justine is no different. Justine doesn't play coy; she pops her big jugs out and drops to a crouch so she can slurp Parker's big one. He's DTF, so he licks Justine's juices from her twat before getting to his feet and banging her over the counter.Moving to the couch, Justine rides Parker's dick in reverse cowgirl. When she turns around, she shoves her titties in Parkers' face while riding him in cowgirl. Justine gets on her knees so Parker can dick her down in doggy and then as she lays on her back. They wind up spooning as Parker makes sure Justine is good and satisfied. Now that she's sated in her rage fuck, Justine makes sure Parker gets off too with a titty fuck and then slurping a treat from the head of Parker's hardon.