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Emily Norman - My Daughter's Hot Friend

艾米麗·諾曼(Emily Norman)試圖入店行竊內衣被抓到,她無法打電話給父母尋求説明,所以她打電話給朋友的父親。她朋友的爸爸威爾把艾米麗抱起來,嚴厲地和她說話,但威爾看得出來,艾米麗真的很想要那套內衣。威爾認為他可以做些什麼來幫忙,所以他告訴艾米麗在他的房間里等他,而他則出去為艾米麗買一套。艾米麗收到內衣套裝后,她非常高興,她會為威爾做任何事情,所以她為他穿上性感內衣,然後讓他捶打她的陰戶。

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Emily Norman 在 'Squirting On The Cheater'

Emily Norman - Squirting On The Cheater

We all know what it's like to go up against an angry girlfriend – let alone a firecracker like Emily Norman. Our unlucky Mick Blue was a bit too sloppy on his days off and Emily has found a suspicious pair of bikini bottoms that most definitely do not belong to her. Emily storms into his house with evidence in hand and confronts Mick while he's in the shower, ready to deal with the situation in any way possible - even if it means fucking the truth out of her cheating boyfriend!

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Emily Norman - Thick Big Booty Stallion Emily Norman Shows Off Her ASSets

Emily Norman arrives at Jules Jordan's mansion, excited about their upcoming encounter. As they greet each other, their chemistry becomes apparent, leading to a afternoon of unforgettable passion. Jules and Emily take their sexual encounter outside, where the sunlight enhances their sensual connection. They engage in foreplay near the pool, heightening anticipation as they explore one another's bodies. Jules and Emily indulge in an intense sexual experience. Their passionate sex leaves both of them breathless and yearning for more. Jules and Emily reach a climactic moment by the poolside, with Jules giving her a facial she will never forget.

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Emily Norman - Busty Slut Emily Norman Rides Lexington Steele's BBC

Emily arrives at Lexington's house, excited about getting the chance to fuck his big black cock. Emily starts by undressing Lexington slowly, taking her time to explore every part of his body. As she touches him, he becomes more aroused. Emily then starts to take control, teasing Lexington with her hands and mouth. Lexington finally enters Emily from behind, thrusting hard and deep. She moans out as they both almost reach their peak together. Lexington pulls out his cock from her pussy. Then proceeds to cum on her big beautiful tits.

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Emily Norman - Massage My Tits And I'll Ride Your Dick

Emily Norman loves to end a hot workout with a sensual massage, even if her husband doesn't approve. When masseur Van Wylde arrives, Emily takes the opportunity to tease him with her big tits and juicy ass. From there, Van takes the initiative to sneakily finger Emily and then worship her oily ass. They nearly get caught, though, forcing Emily to hide while she sucks Van's huge cock. Once alone, an oily blowjob and tit fucking session leads to intense sex, giving Emily the post-workout relief she was looking for.