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Blake Wilde 在 'My Wife's Hot Friend'

Blake Wilde - My Wife's Hot Friend

布萊克·王爾德(Blake Wilde)停下來借用凱爾妻子的錢包,在尋找時,發現了一些性感的內衣,並想知道她朋友的丈夫的想法。凱爾無法抗拒她性感的身體,把他的大雞巴深深地插進了她的體內。

Blake Wilde 在 'Neighbor Affair'

Blake Wilde - Neighbor Affair


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Blake Wilde 在 'Intimate Fucking On The Couch'

Blake Wilde - Intimate Fucking On The Couch

It was a cold Autumn morning in a home in Melbourne when Blake and Ryan were snuggling trying to keep warm. They started touching skin and running their hands all over each other trying to get warm and soon enough they locked lips and starting intimately and passionately kissing. She slid her hand up his chest and held his face tight while pushing her lips harder and harder against his. Before long he pulled his face away and laid her back down and started licking her pussy until it was dripping wet...